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Inverse Battle

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An '''Inverse Battle''' (Japanese: '''さかさバトル''' ''Reverse Battle'') is a [[Pokémon battle]] introduced in {{g|X and Y}}. During an Inverse Battle, type matchups are reversed. This type of battle is only conducted with {{tc|Psychic}} Inver on {{rt|18|Kalos}}, who can be battled once per day.
Any type that would be resistant or immune to another type is now weak to that type instead. The [[Ring Target]] has no effect on this, as it is applied after type effectiveness is reversed; as such, since there are no immunities due to type in Inverse Battles, it has no effect.
{{m|Stealth Rock}} is also affected, so Pokémon take damage based on their weakness or resistance to {{t|Rock}} under the inverse type chart. {{m|Freeze-Dry}} will always hit {{t|Water}} types for super effective damage, even if its type is changed. Abilities such as {{a|SapThick SipperFat}} that heal the Pokémon or boostand {{a|Sap statSipper}} whenthat hit byprovide a specific type ofresistance move instead of takingor damageimmunity still function normally.
===Type chart===

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