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N (Noble Victories 92)

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reprint2=NDarkExplorers96.jpg |
recaption2={{TCG|Dark Explorers}} print<br>Illus. [[Megumi Mizutani]] |
reprint3=NBWPromo180NBWPromo100.jpg |
recaption3={{TCG|BW-P PromotionalBlack cardsStar Promos|BW-P Black Star Promotional}} print<br>Illus. [[Yusuke Ohmura]] |
class=Trainer |
subclass=Supporter |
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|jpdeck={{TCG|Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck}}|jpcardno=016/018}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|jpdeckkit={{TCG|Master Deck Build Box EX}}|jpcardno=041/046}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|expansion={{TCG|BW Black Star Promos|cardno=BW100|jpexpansion={{TCG|BW-P Promotional cards}}|jpcardno=180/BW-P}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|jpexpansion={{TCG|BW-P Promotional cards}}|jpcardno=218/BW-P}}
This card was released as both a Regular and a {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} card in the {{TCG|Noble Victories}} expansion, originating from the Japanese {{TCG|Red Collection}}. Each features different artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]]. It was later reprinted with different artwork by [[Megumi Mizutani]] in the {{TCG|Reshiram EX Battle Strength Deck|Reshiram EX}} and {{TCG|Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck}}s. This print was released in the English {{TCG|Dark Explorers}} expansion.
The original regular print was reprinted in Japan as part of the {{TCG|Master Deck Build Box EX}}, released on September 14th, 2012. It was reprinted again with different artwork by [[Yusuke Ohmura]] as one of the {{TCG|BW-P Promotional cards}}, and was one of four possible promotional cards given to customers who purchased ¥1000 worth of Pokémon Card Game products at participating stores. This card also has the {{TCG|Plasma Gale}} expansion logo in the bottom left corner of the artwork. It was again later released in Japan as a Cracked Ice Reverse Holofoil as one of the BW-P Promotional cards in the ''Premium Holo Card Special Pack N'' released on April 19, 2013. This promotional print was eventually released as an English BW Black Star Promotional card given out at {{TCG|Pokémon League}}s during a currently unknown Season of the 2013-2014 League Cycle.
set4=Dark Explorers |
illus4=Megumi Mizutani |
image5=NBWPromo180NBWPromo100.jpg |
caption5={{TCG|BW-P PromotionalBlack cardsStar Promos|BW-P Black Star Promotional}} print<br>Illus. [[Yusuke Ohmura]] |
This card's effect is similar to that of {{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Rocket's Admin.|86}}, a card previously released in the {{TCG|EX Team Rocket Returns}}.
[[N]] is the leader of [[Team Plasma]] in {{game|Black and White|s}}. The {{DL|Nimbasa City|Rondez-View Ferris Wheel}} is featured in the regular print and {{TCG|Dark Explorers}} print illustrations, while the Badge Check Gate of Black 2 and White 2's [[Victory Road (Black 2 and White 2)|Victory Road]] is featured in the {{TCG|BW-P PromotionalBlack cardsStar Promos|BW Black Star Promotional}} print illustration.
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