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'''A Clash! Hareta vs. Charon''' (Japanese: '''激突!! ハレタVSプルート''' ''Clash!! Hareta vs. {{tt|Pluto|Charon}}'') is the twenty-ninth chapter of the [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!]] manga.
The chapter begins with Hareta and Mitsumi's arrival at [[Stark Mountain]], with Jun having left on his own to seek information from Prof. Rowan. Mitsumi notes that with both Charon and Kaisei after Giratina, that Team Galactic's presence must indicate that Giratina is here, she tries to tell Hareta to stick close to avoid trouble, but he wanders off anyway and finds a group of Galactic Grunts. He decides to follow them figuring that they must be going where Giratina is. One of the Grunts asks him what he's doing and Hareta says to pay him no mind, the Grunt complies. Mitsumi soon comes looking for him and apologies to the Grunt for any trouble he may have caused. The Grunt replies that he was no trouble at all, before realizing that he recognizes the name Hareta. A chase ensues. It isn't until one of them states that Master Charon will be pleased if they bring Hareta and Mitsumi to him that Mitsumi tells Hareta to stop running and give in to the Grunts.

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