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<i>At the end of a long day, our heroes search for a Pokémon Center in a small town near Olivine City. Unable to locate one they ask a local lady for directions. She explains the nearest Pokémon Center is ten miles away! Too exhausted to extend today's journey, the gang decides to set up camp in a local park. As he gets water from a nearby fountain, Brock notices a Nidorina approaching to take a drink. Running after Nidorina is her trainer, who trips and almost falls into the fountain. She is narrowly saved by Brock and immediately falls head over heals in love with him. Introducing herself as Temaku, she insists Brock and his friends stay with her at her father's house. How will Brock handle a large does of his own medicine from the smitten Temaku?</i>
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} find their way to another town. Ash is wondering where the [[Pokémon Center]] might be, so he asks a local woman. {{an|Brock}} has a crush on her, like nearly every other woman, but {{an|Misty}} pulls him away.

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