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Sinnoh Now

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In the anime
'''''Sinnoh Now''''' (Japanese{{DISPLAYTITLE: '''シンオウ・ナウ''' ''Sinnoh Now'') is a television program broadcast by [[Jubilife TV]]. It bills itself as ''your portal to what's hip and happening in Sinnoh!''}}
[[File:Sinnoh Now crew.png|thumb|250px|The ''Sinnoh Now'' crew in the anime]]
'''''Sinnoh Now''''' (Japanese: '''シンオウ・ナウ''' ''Sinnoh Now'') is a [[television]] program broadcast by [[Jubilife TV]]. It bills itself as a ''"portal to what's hip and happening in Sinnoh!"''.
==In the games==
The {{player}} can sometimes watch ''Sinnoh Now'' on the [[television]]s in {{gamegame2|Diamond and |Pearl|sPlatinum}}. The program tells about current events in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]]. It also tells the player about what their friends have done if they [[Record mixing|mix records]].
''Sinnoh Now'' can also tell the player about what their friends have done if they mix records.
A variety of information can be obtained from the programs aired on ''Sinnoh Now''.
====Discovering Groups====
A reporter comments on a player's [[group]] and uses a [[type]] to describe it. Activated by talking to an {{tc|Ace Trainer}} in [[Jubilife City]] and starting a group.
====On-the-spot weather====
An independent program which also airs on ''Sinnoh Now''. Helena tells the [[weather]] in one of {{cat|Sinnoh locations|Sinnoh's many locations}}.
====Pokémon Research Corner====
A {{pkmn|Professor|researcher}} examines a [[wild Pokémon]], discovering its [[held item]] and getting his finger scratched in the process. In Platinum, it is replaced with a program about nature.
====Swarm News Flash====
A news flash airs in which the reporter says the location of that day's {{pkmn|outbreak|swarm}} and what {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} is swarming. Only airs after the player obtains the [[National Pokédex]].
==In the anime==
In the [[File:Pokémon anime]], ''Sinnoh Now'' crew.pngis a {{wp|thumbnews program}} and a {{wp|leftvariety show}}. According to {{an|SinnohDawn}}, Nowit crewis the most popular television show in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]].
[[File:Sinnoh Now anime.png|thumb|right|Title screen from ''[[DP033|All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go]]'']]
''Sinnoh Now'' in the {{pkmn|anime}} is hosted by {{Si|Rhonda}}, and is a news/variety program. Rhonda and theThe ''Sinnoh Now'' staffcrew havefirst appeared in ''[[DP029|The Champ Twins!]]'', ''[[DP033|Allwhere Dressedthey Upwere withdoing Somewherea tostory Go]]'',on ''[[DP036|Aa SecretPokémon SphereTraining of Influence!]]''Camp, ''[[DP040|Top-Downfocusing Training!]]'',on ''[[DP044|MassRyan Hip-Po-Sis!]]'',and ''[[DP075Bryan|Ourtwo Cupof Runneththe Over!campers]]'', and ''[[DP096|Losingtheir Itsability Lustrous]]'',to ''[[DP118|Pursuing a Lofty Goal!]]'', ''[[DP135|Beatingtest the Bustlestrength andof Hustle!]]'',any and ''[[DP174{{pkmn|LastTrainer}} Callthey - First Round!]]challenge.
They appeared again in ''[[DP033|All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!]]'', where they aired the [[Pokémon Dress-Up Contest]], an annual event organized by the members of the [[Pokémon Fan Club]].
Their next appearance was in ''[[DP036|A Secret Sphere of Influence!]]'', where they were briefly seen outside the [[Eterna Historical Museum]]. They were in [[Eterna City]] to report the theft of the [[Adamant Orb]], which was later retrieved thanks to [[Gardenia]] and [[Officer Jenny]].
They appeared again in ''[[DP040|Top-Down Training!]]'' to announce the recent discovery of the [[Lustrous Orb]], which was found at the ancient ruins in [[Celestic Town]] giving scientists hope to learn more about the [[Sinnoh myths|legends of Sinnoh]].
In ''[[DP044|Mass Hip-Po-Sis!]]'', they were filming a documentary about {{p|Hippopotas}} and their migration when one of the Hippopotas got separated from its herd and they decided filming it alone would be a better story. They encountered {{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}}, and {{an|Brock}} during filming and informed them the whereabouts of the herd. When {{ashfr|the group}} revealed that they would help Hippopotas to find its herd, the crew started following them. However, after {{si|Jack}} was hit by Hippopotas's {{m|Yawn}} and fell asleep, they ended up getting separated from Ash and his friends. For this reason, they lost their chance of filming Hippopotas reuniting with its herd.
In ''[[DP075|Our Cup Runneth Over!]]'', it was announced on ''Sinnoh Now'' that [[Wallace]] had arrived in the Sinnoh region to host the [[Wallace Cup]]. When the crew discovered that Wallace took a day off to relax and have some quality time with his {{p|Milotic}}, they decided to go looking for him so they could record a video of him during his free time. When they found him, they hid in the bushes to secretly film him. However, the camera they were using had run out of batteries and they could not cover the story.
They made their next appearance in ''[[DP118|Pursuing a Lofty Goal!]]'', where they were seen covering the [[PokéRinger]] competition that was being held in [[Squallville]].
[[File:Rhonda Nando Interview.png|thumb|250px|Rhonda interviewing Nando]]
In ''[[DP096|Losing Its Lustrous!]]'', it was reported on ''Sinnoh Now'' that the Adamant Orb had been stolen. It was revealed that at the time of the theft the Adamant Orb was in the process of being transported from the [[Eterna Historical Museum|Eterna City Museum]], and heading to the [[Celestic Town Historical Research Center]].
The crew later appeared in ''[[DP135|Beating the Bustle and Hustle!]]'' to cover the auditions for the [[Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle]] that were being held near [[Lake Acuity]], not realizing it was actually a {{TRT}} scheme to steal all the participants' Pokémon.
In ''[[DP154|Mastering Current Events!]]'', Dawn mentioned that they did a news story on the Air Battle Master, [[McCann]].
They reappeared in ''[[DP174|Last Call — First Round!]]'' to cover the meet-and-greet to kick off the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]], during which Rhonda interviewed several {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s, including [[Nando]], [[Jessie|Jessilina]], and Dawn.
* {{si|Rhonda}} - {{wp|Television presenter|Host}}
* {{si|Jack}} - {{wp|Boom operator (media)|Boomer}}
* Unnamed {{wp|Camera operator|cameraman}}
* Unnamed {{wp|Production assistant|assistant}}
In ''[[DP154|Mastering Current Events]]'', {{an|Dawn}} mentioned that they did a news story on the Air Battle Master, [[McCann]].===Logo===
File:Sinnoh Now Japanese logo.png|Japanese logo
File:Sinnoh Now English logo.png|English logo
* The {{pmin|Sweden|Swedish}} dub of the anime used the Japanese logo.
{{stub}}==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{sinnoh color light}}|bordercolor={{sinnoh color dark}}
|zh_cmn=神奥NOW ''{{tt|Shén'aò|Sinnoh}} NOW''
|fi=Sinnoh Tänään<br>Sinnoh Nyt
|fr=Tendances Sinnoh
|de=Sinnoh-Szene{{tt|*|Games}}<br>Sinnoh heute{{tt|*|Anime}}
|it=Sinnoh Oggi{{tt|*|Games}}<br>Voce di Sinnoh{{tt|*|Anime}}
|ko=신오지방 지금 ''{{tt|Sin'o-jibang Jigeum|Sinnoh region Now}}'' {{tt|*|Games}}<br>지금은 신오지방 ''{{tt|Jigeumeun Sin'o-jibang|Sinnoh region is Now}}'' {{tt|*|Anime}}
|pl=Teraz Sinnoh
|pt_br=Sinnoh Agora
|es=Sinnoh en directo{{tt|*|Games}}<br>Hoy en Sinnoh{{tt|*|Anime}}
|sv=Sinnoh nu
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