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James is getting ready to begin a speech for all the kids out in the crowd. He tries to escape a couple times, but he is caught. Jessie and Meowth are worried that James is going to fluke.
Professor Oak is walking through the marsh and sees a {{p|Poliwhirl}}. He makes up a poem about it and sees a {{p|Politoed}} walk out of the bushes. He goes over to look at it when two {{p|Quagsire}} walk up next to him. He also makes a poem about them. Ash and friends are walking up and waving when the Quagsire pick Professor Oak up and run off, following the Politoed, much to everyone's confusion. As they begin to head off again, Dawn reminds them that there is quicksand around there. {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} takes the lead, but quickly sinks into quicksand. Dawn sends out {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} to use Ice Beam to save Piplup. {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} then takes the lead and begins to walk. Suddenly he stops, but Piplup keeps walking and falls into quicksand again. Croagunk quickly throws him out of it. Croagunk leads them to a cave, out of which comes Politoed followed by two Quagsire. Politoed challenges Croagunk to a duel which Croagunk wins. They walk into the cave to find Professor Oak with a {{p|Lombre}} and two other Quagsire. Professor Oak tells them that Politoed just wanted him to come to give Lombre the {{DL|Evolutionary stoneevostone|Water Stone}} to get him out of the depression. Professor Oak breaks off a small piece of the Water Stone and gives it to Lombre, which evolves it into {{p|Ludicolo}} and makes it happy again.
James walks out onto stage as his nerves begin to get to him and he won't say a word. Jessie and Meowth sneak over to the stage and tell James to think of this as a {{TRT}} scheme to get tons of Pokémon. This encourages James and he begins to perform well. Meowth wishes they had thought of this sooner as James is able to collect all the Pokémon in the crowd. Ash, Dawn, and Brock then run in with Professor Oak behind them. Dawn says that James is not the real Professor Oak. James denies it and a young boy from the crowd walks up and says that the real Professor Oak would be able to help him with his Pokémon, and sends out a {{p|Tyranitar}}. Izzy and Cara push James up, but he is promptly blasted off by Tyranitar with Jessie and Meowth running after him. Professor Oak then walks up to Tyranitar and pulls a thorn out of its foot, making it happy. The boy is happy and everybody in the crowd cheers.

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