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* Is the first Wii U game to use the console's NFC technology, allowing figures purchased in stores to interact with the game.
** These figures are customizable. The money earned in the game from battles will make enhancements available for the Pokémon, such as an increase in strength or a change in the moves it knows.
* Each stage has challenges that if the player completes them, they will be given a special capsule., of which there are four types:
* There are four types of capsules
** Red Capsule - Unknown what type of Pokémon are received
** Yellow Capsule - Unknown what type of Pokémon are received
** Blue/Crystal Capsule - Received after completing challenges. It can also be received after throwing a Master capsule at a Pokémon once it's defeated.
** Master Capsule - When thrown at a Pokémon, that Pokémon can be captured.



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