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Scott notes that the match-ups between Emerald vs Ruby and Sapphire vs Tucker will be interesting. Scott goes over to Tucker to ask how e's doing. He wonders what will happen if Tucker loses to Sapphire before he gets battle Emerald. Tucker suggests that whoever wins the tournament will be awarded the Tactics Symbol, but states that he won't lose anyway. Tucker states that he doesn't care about winning, and that all that matters is getting strong enough to beat [[Guile Hideout|Guile]].
In the first semifinal match, Emerald and Ruby go on the stage. Emerald attempts to check Ruby's data, only to be interrupted by Ruby recording [[Mumu]], {{adv|Mimi}}[[Feefee]], and Rara. A referee enters the stage, demanding to know what Ruby is doing, only for Ruby to tell him to set up a stage light for his Pokémon. Ruby tells Emerald that he doesn't need to check up on his team, as he already made them available to see. Ruby sends out Rara first, so Emerald counters with his {{p|Dusclops}}.
Rara starts off with a {{m|Hypnosis}} to put Dusclops to sleep. Dusclops manages to break free of the spell, so it fires of a super effective {{m|Shadow Ball}} at Rara. Despite the endless barrage of Shadow Balls, Rara manages to keep standing, so Emerald has Dusclops use {{m|Fire Punch}}. The attack gives Rara a burn, making it so that Rara will lose health as the battle goes on. Tucker questions if that will help him win as he gestures towards Dusclops. Emerald notes how Dusclops is burned, too, which is the result of Rara's Ability, {{a|Synchronize}}.
Tucker confirms that the Ability forces the user's opponent to share the same status conditions, while Scott suggests that Rara had used {{m|Imprison}} earlier, meaning that none of Dusclops's Shadow Ball attacks had actually worked. Emerald is shocked to see that all of his attacks were for nothing as both Pokémon fall to the ground, fainted. Emerald realizes that his opponent is strong, while Ruby merely replies with a grin. For his last Pokémon, Ruby sends out MimiFeefee.
Ruby muses if Emerald will send out Sceptile for the type advantage again. Emerald is confused to see how Ruby is so confident that he doesn't care about type match-ups. Either way, Emerald sends out Sceptile to do battle, only to be interrupted by Ruby. Much to Emerald's irritation, Ruby begins arguing with the staff about the stadium lighting not showing MimiFeefee's good side.
==Major events==
* {{p|Dusclops}} ({{adv|Emerald}}'s)
* {{p|Swampert}} ([[Mumu]]/{{tt|Zuzu|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Milotic}} ({{adv|Mimi}}[[Feefee]]; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Kirlia}} (Rara/{{tt|Ruru|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Blaziken}} ([[Chic]]/{{tt|Toro|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Sapphire}}'s)

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