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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} find their way to another town. Ash is wondering where the [[Pokémon Center]] might be, so he asks a local woman. {{an|Brock}} has a crush on her, like every other woman, but {{an|Misty}} pulls him away.
Brock is later at a park filling up a pot with water. A {{p|Nidorina}} comes by for a drink, followed close behind by a frantic girl, who trips and nearly falls into the fountain. However, Brock catches her before she falls in. As the girl looks up at her protector, she falls in love with Brock instantly. Brock is confused and intimidated by the sudden affection from this stranger, which Misty notices. Brock is still left speechless, so Misty pulls him out to have a little talk about the situation, where she finds out that Brock has no actual dating experience and has no idea what to do. Coming back, the girl invites them to her house, where her father is also waiting. They do the introductions, the girl being [[Temacu]]. It seems like Temacu is the daughter of a local [[Pokémon Professor]]. She invites them to stay for dinner and some [[tea]], and Misty again goes and has a conversation with Brock. Temacu takes them for a walk around her house, talking about her Nidorina, {{p|Nidorino}} and some of the family's other Pokémon. That's when {{TRT}} storms in to get a steal. They catch the Nidorina, Nidorino, {{AP|Pikachu}} and the other Pokémon. Ash sends out {{AP|Totodile}} to try to free them and [[Jessie]] attempts to counter-attackcounterattack with {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}. The match ends in one hit, Totodile winning. [[James]] sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} to use {{m|SmokeScreen}} and they try to take off. Everyone tries to find the three and Temacu tries to find Brock and ends up getting caught in some rope. Misty sends out {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} to use {{m|Bubble}} to get rid of the smoke. Ironically, the stolen Pokémon are there, but Temacu is gone.
Jessie and James pull up the rope to see their captures, only to find not a Pokémon, but Temacu, however. Temacu loses balance and falls, but James catches her in time. This causes Temacu to fall in love with James the same way she did for Brock. James is put off and Jessie says they should abandon her, but Temacu, being a daughter of a Pokémon professor, means Team Rocket may have a chance to steal some Pokémon.

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