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Upon finding the cave, Ruby encounters a bunch of wild {{p|Mawile}}, which he finds to be cute. Despite their innocent appearance, the Mawile begin attacking, and one them traps [[Nana]] in one of their jaws. Before they can attack again, Ruby is saved by a man named [[Steven Stone]]. Nana, still trapped in their jaws, begins glowing, and [[Kiki]] does so as well as she touches a stone located on Steven's pocket.
Steven reveals that the two are evolving, and he asks if Ruby will help him deal with the Mawile herd. Ruby accepts, and he sends CocoKiki into battle as she and Nana continue into their next stage.
==Major events==
* [[Steven Stone]]
* {{p|Wingull}} ([[Peeko]]; Mr. Briney's)
* {{p|Mudkip}} ([[Mumu]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Torchic}} ([[ToroChic]]; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Skitty}} ([[Chic]]; Ruby's; evolves)
* {{p|Poochyena}} (Nana; Ruby's; evolves)
* {{p|Aron}} ([[Rono]]; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Nosepass}} (Roxanne's)

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