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Exclusive Target Mix!

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name=PokémonExclusive RangerTarget and the Temple of the Sea bonus discMix! |
subtitled=Songs from the album Pokémon X: 10 Years of Pokémon |
image=Exclusive Target Remix.jpg |
image_size=150px |
tracks=5 |
colorscheme=Battle Frontier}}
The '''PokémonExclusive RangerTarget andMix! Songs from the Templealbum ofPokémon theX: Sea10 bonusYears discof Pokémon''' is a music CD that was bundled with the ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]'' DVD at {{wp|Target Corporation|Target}} stores in the United States. It containedcontains five English songs from the [[Pokémon anime]], all of which were included on the {{CD|Pokémon X}} CD.
# '''[[Together Forever]]''' - [3:55]
# '''[[I Wanna Be a Hero]]''' - [0:47]
# '''[[Hoenn Pokérap]]|Hoenn (ExclusivePokérap Target- Exclusive Remix!)]]''' - [4:22]
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