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Hey, what's up? This is Empress Empoleon. :-) But you can call me NannyEmpress, or simply EE. I don't know how you got to my page, since I'm not really a notable user, but I hope you enjoy and find whatever you were looking for!
So,===How hi.I :-D Not much to really say right now.Found Pokémon===
I got introduced to [[Pokémon]] from my best friend in second grade. I landed my grubby paws on a [[Platinum]] game, and I was hooked. I started with a Piplup, and itIt was so much fun, because I didn't know that there were walk-throughswalkthroughs and such online., (Andso thereforeI played by myself 100%). My first Pokémon was a [[p|Piplup]], and I still love it to this day.
So, yes, I am one of those people who joined in [[Generation 4IV]] and onwards. But I do have respect for the older generations. I agree that the original anime was the best of all. (though I still like today's anime.) However, I do think that the newer games are better than the older ones. I'm just one of those people who likes better graphics and clearer music in games.
So, afterward, I got a [[SoulSilver]], copy[[White]], and a White copy[[White2]]. Though I am admittedly much older now, I still play a lot. I also like [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (a game that was not very popular]].)
When I first found===On Bulbapedia, I enjoyed reading all the articles, especially since they were so detailed. It was impossible to NOT find what you were looking for. Then, I got an account. I have since gotten used to the wiki, and I now try to help out as much as I can.===
==MyWhen Contributions==I first found [[Bulbapedia]], I enjoyed reading all the articles, especially since they were so detailed. It was impossible to '''not''' find what you were looking for. Then, I got an account. I have since gotten used to the wiki, and I now try to help out as much as I can.
Well, relatively, it's really just the beginning. I'm quite a sticker for grammar and spelling, so a lot of the edits I make are minor.
I havemainly fixedgo quitearound afixing fewrandom stubstubs articlesand thoughincomplete articles. I usually don't rememberhave whichtime to make huge pages, butor I'm thinktoo lazy to go back and they're-watch inan eitherepisode theto Shippingwrite an article about. I've only actually made one, Animehonest-to-goodness, ornew Locationpage-[[ship|Minamo categoriesShipping]]. :-/
Page-wise,Since I'vem onlyso made onenew, honest-to-goodness,feel new page-Minamo Shipping. It was on the top of thefree to-do list,drop some I wanted to help.advice (Ior ameven a member'''hello'''!) ofon Projectmy Shipping)[[User aftertalk:Empressempoleon|talk all.)page]]!
Since I'm so new, feel free to drop me advice (or even a '''hello'''!) on my talk page!==Games==
==PokémonI Teams==wouldn't say I'm bad, but I'm not the greatest.
I wouldn't say I'm bad, but I'm not the greatest
I like to name myself "April" in my Pokémon play-throughs. This is because of my love for the character {{an|May}} and the fact that I was born in the month April.
I also tend toalways nickname my party Pokémon. If I can't come up with anything creative, then I usually just put the Japanese name for its final evolution.
My favorite type is [[Water]]; however, I always train a variety of types. (And, '''no''', that's '''not''' because I thought [[Blue (game)|Blue]] was really cool in the games.) Sadly, I also usually go for the Pokémon that look the best to me. I like cute, beautiful, or epic looking Pokémon. (Sue me.)
I'll post my parties when I get over my laziness and reach for the DS that's a foot in front of me.
===Favorite Pokémon===
I like a lot of Pokémon, but like everybody else, I do have my favorites.
*[[p|Empoleon]]-This is my all-time favorite. It is so powerful and butt-kicking awesome, and not to mention, it looks so elegant. (Plus, it's a freaking '''penguin'''. How could you not love it?)
*[[p|Typhlosion]]-My second favorite. Usually I don't like [[Fire]] as a type, but this is a definite exception. It is so powerful and dominating. And I don't care what anyone says-[[Cyndaquil]] was so cute in the [[anime]]!
*[[p|Serperior]]-So beautiful and powerful.
*[[p|Umbreon]]-I love all of the eeveeloutions, but I have to say that Umbreon is the best. It is a freaking tank.
*[[p|Gardevoir]]-See Serperior.
*[[p|Snorlax]]-Along with being so epic, it reminds me of myself.
*[[p|Zekrom]]-It is freaking bad-a**.
===Generation VI===
It looks good from the trailer. I have a 3DS, and I am looking forward to playing it.
Out of the starters, I probably like [[Fennekin (Pokémon)|Fennekin]] the best, due to my looks-based judging. I want [[Pokemon X and Y|X]] because even though both the legendaries look awesome, [[Xerneas (Pokémon)|Xerneas]] wins by it's shiny, beautiful antlers.
===Pokémon I Dislike===
*[[p|Vulpix]]-It is a stupidly weak [[Pokémon]] that everybody seems to like. [[p|Growlithe]] is way better.
*[[p|Emolga]]-I stopped liking it after [[Iris (anime)|Iris]] got it.
*[[p|Venipede]]-I dislike this whole line of Pokémon for weird reasons.
*[[p|Bidoof]], [[p|Rattata]], [[p|Zubat]]-For obvious reasons.
I like the anime up until [[Best Wishes]] as that, in my opinion, is when the series started traveling downhill. My favorite arcs are the Indigo League, Hoenn, Battle Fronteir, and Sinnoh.
===Favorite Characters===
*'''[[May (anime)|May]]'''-I love her mainly because of my extreme support for [[ContestShipping]]. However, I find her personality to be quite appealing; naive, sweet, and lucky. (Pretty much everything I'm not.) I like her coordinating style, and overall...she comes out as my favorite. I don't know, this is hard to explain.
*[[Misty (anime)|Misty]]-She is probably the most similar to me. I am a tomboy, and I am (wish I was) a redhead. I find her so realistic and easy to relate to.
*[[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]]-Contrary to a lot of people, I actually like Dawn. I find her bubbly personality quite fun. But I have to admit, she was pretty annoying during that part where she lost every [[Contest]]. (I don't care what anyone says, May should have won the [[Wallace Cup]]. She's a way better [[coordinator]] than Dawn is.)
*[[Drew]]-The hottest and awesome-st male in the entire series. *fangirls*
*[[Ash Ketchum|Ash]]-Where would the series be without him? He is very endearing.
*[[Paul]]-Strong and silent for the win. Love the bad-a**ery.
*[[Brock (anime)|Brock]]-I love this guy so much. Part of the reason that I quit the anime after Best Wishes is because he left. I literally cried when that happened.
*[[Gary (anime)|Gary]]-He's so awesome. And then he turned hot in Sinnoh, and I was just like, "Snap."
===Iris and Cilan===
Overall, I just don't really like these two. I can stand them, sure ([[Cilan]] a little more than [[Iris (anime)|Iris]]) but they both kind of just annoyed me. Iris' "You're such a kid!" annoyed the '''fudge''' out of me, and Cilan's eccentric-ness was just...'''weird'''.
===Team Rocket===
Like most people, I fount [[Jessie]], [[James]], and [[Meowth]] pretty annoying. Every episode, it was same old same old from them, and I got tired of it fast.
But then they turned all swag and '''smart''' in Best Wishes, and I did not accept it. Believe it or not, I actually disliked their new attitude more than their old one. Now I wish they'd turn back. This is another reason I don't like Best Wishes.
I guess you never know how much you like something until it's gone, eh?
I am a true romantic deep down. I do not mind yaoi or yuri; however, I mostly ship straight. I don't really ship in the games, and I don't do nevermets. '''Don't be offended by any of my ranting here.'''
[[Image:AG182.png|thumb|left|200px|[[ContestShipping]]. May and Drew in all their shipping glory.]]*'''[[ContestShipping]]'''-My OTP. It is just '''so''' right! He gives her roses. It's like, "Hello, May, wake up, they're not for your Beautifly."
*'''[[PokéShipping]]'''-They belong together. Misty was always cheering him on, and they have such good chemistry.
*'''[[IkariShipping]]'''-I'm going to be lame and say the usual, "Opposites attract." Well, it's true! Plus, the tension going on between them is so fun.
*[[QuestShipping]]-This is ship is practically cannon.
*[[WishfulShipping]]-True, I don't particularly like [[Iris (anime)|Iris]] or [[Cilan (anime)|Cilan]], but they are cute together. (Curse my romantic mind afjhjdslfk-)
*[[PenguinShipping]]-I still think this ship is cute, deep down underneath my love for Ikari. Plus, it was the first ship to get me into the shipping universe, so it holds a special place in my heart. (But it '''does''' have the best evidence.)
*[[RocketShipping]]-Made in heaven, 'nuff said.
*ShootsDownShipping-Pairing up the two who are left. Well, [[Kenny]] and [[Zoey]] are pretty similar, and they would look cute together.
===Manga ([[Pokémon Adventures]])===
*'''[[SpecialShipping]]'''-[[Yellow]] just cares for [[Red]] so much. I think they would be abso-freaking-lutely adorable together.
*'''[[OldrivalShipping]]'''-The sexual tension is amazing with these two. I really wish something would happen between these two.
*'''[[HaughtyShipping]]'''-I know a lot of people prefer [[CommonerShipping]] over this, especially since {{adv|Diamond}} had such an obvious crush on [[Lady]], but the sexual tension between {{adv|Pearl}} and Lady is just so high that I can't help but ship them. I think they would be a great couple, especially since Pearl does care for Lady a lot. (This also reminds me a lot of [[ContestShipping]], which may be another reason why I love it so.)
*[[AgencyShipping]]-Even though {{adv|Black}} is completely oblivious, I think that he and {{adv|White}} would be great together. All those scenes in the manga gave me feels, dang it!
I don't really ship [[Pokémon]] together (and I definitely don't do it with a human) but there is one that I believe in, and that is LightningPearlShipping. ([[Dawn's Piplup]] with [[Ash's Pikachu]].) I think that these two became great friends over the Sinnoh arc, and when I saw them crying and hugging in the last episode, my heart literally broke.
I couldn't believe that nobody else supported this ship after watching that scene. Why [[LagomorphShipping]]? WHY?
Either way, I find [[Dawn's Buneary]] to be annoying, especially when she's fangirl-ing over {{an|Pikachu}}. (Anyways, I thought that Buneary acted like a complete jerk to the Phione in [[DP113]]. I would ship those two together if I could.)
===Least Favorite Ships===
Basically anything that contradicts what I like. But, if I had to choose one, it would be [[AdvanceShipping]], for obvious reasons.
==Somewhere Over the Rainbow==
'''Note*[http:''' Right now, all my parties are in progress// I'll post them here when I'm done.FanFiction]
*[ Tumblr]
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