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'''VS Mawile''' or '''Deceptive Cuteness''' (Japanese: '''VS クチート''' '' VS {{tt|Kucheat|Mawile}}'' or '''あざむきの大郡''' ''Country of Deception'') is the 194th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
* {{p|Wingull}} ([[Peeko]]; [[Mr. Briney]]'s)
* {{p|Mudkip}} ([[Zuzu]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Torchic}} ([[Toro]]; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Skitty}} ({{adv|Coco}}; Ruby's; evolves)
* {{p|Poochyena}} (Nana; Ruby's; evolves)
* {{p|Aron}} ([[Rono]]; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Nosepass}} (Roxanne's)
* {{p|Barboach}} (Mr. Briney's; flashback)
* {{p|Whiscash}} (Gills; Mr. Briney's; flashback)
* {{p|Milotic}} (Image on book)
* {{p|Poochyena}} (Nana; Ruby's; evolves)
* {{p|Zubat}}
* {{p|Golbat}}

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