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Trivia: anime=/=games.
* When Ash mentions the events of ''[[DP060|Journey to the Unown!]]'', he says they were at [[Eterna City]] when really they were at [[Solaceon Town]].
* When Ash mentions seeing Team Galactic, the flashback displayed was of what Team Rocket saw, and not him.
<!--* The size difference between Croagunk and Toxicroak is way off the Pokémon database standards, since Toxicroak is only two feet taller, and not almost three times bigger, as it seemed during some scenes.
** Although this could be due to the fact that some Pokémon are bigger, while others are smaller than the standard info.-->
* Despite Team Galactic sending 36 Poké Balls into the air, only 15 Golbat appear.

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