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Haban Berry

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d5=Weakens a supereffective<!--no space--> Dragon-type attack against the holding Pokémon. |
nameor= {{wp|Psidium cattleianum|Terihabanjirō}} |
basis= {{wp|Psidium cattleianum|StrawBerryStrawberry guava}}, {{wp|Pomegranate}}|
type=Dragon |
power=60 |
| ハバンのみ ''Haban no Mi''
| From テリハバンジロウ ''Terihabanjirō'' ([[{{wp:StrawBerry guava|StrawBerryStrawberry guava]]}}).
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Baie Fraigo
| From ''goyave fraise'', strawBerrystrawberry guava.
|- style="background:#FFF;"

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