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How dare I mis-spell bureaucrat :| Anyways, ambassador on N Wiki, admin on Robot Wars WIki
{|style="text-align:justify;background:lightblue;border:1px solid blue;color:black;width:90%;margin:0 auto"
|width=116|<center>''Hey guys, this is ToastUltimatum. If you will allow a bit of history, I was active on this site from a few years back up to Q1 2011. However, all of that time, I had a '''Horrible''' username <small>Torngentleman2</small>, which I was ashamed to post around, so I eventually became inactive. I recently asked a bureacratbureaucrat to change my username, and so now I can freely edit Bulbapedia whenever I want. Alas, I am primarily a member of [ SmashWiki], where I am a rollbacker, so I still shan't be that active here. But whatever, you might see me around ;)''</center>
==Other Wikis==
*[ SmashWiki] (rollbacker)
*[ Robot Wars Wiki] (rollbackeradministrator)
*[ Icaruspedia] (administrator)
*[ Nintendo Wiki] (ambassador)
*[ F-Zero Wiki] (administrator)
*[ Lylat Wiki] (administrator)
===Tertiary===*[ Game & Watch Wiki] (administrator)
*[ Game & Watch Wiki] (administrator)
*[ Donkey Kong Wiki] (standard user)
*[ Super Mario Wiki] (standard user)

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