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That. Is. Not. A. Rap. Song. It can't be a Pokerap if it's not a rap song. Plus, the article already links to it.
Usually, the evolutionary families would be jumbled up, and sung in different lines or verse. In later raps, such as the Hoenn Pokérap, this rule was not followed; the {{p|Lotad}} family was sung together.
There are currently fourthree Pokérap songs, one for each of the first three generations,. andPokéraps onehave foryet Generationto V<ref></ref>.be Theannounced for the [[Generation IV|fourth generation]] ofand Pokémon[[Generation doesn'tV|fifth havegenerations]] aof Pokérapthe Pokémon anime, but it wasare widely anticipated by fans.
==Current Pokéraps==
*'''[[Pokérap GS]]''' - names all {{cat|Generation II Pokémon}}, excluding {{p|Celebi}}.
*'''[[Hoenn Pokérap]]''' - names all {{cat|Generation III Pokémon}}, as well as {{p|Mew}} and {{p|Celebi}}. However, it leaves out {{p|Relicanth}} and {{p|Zigzagoon}}.
*'''[[Unova Pokérap]]'''
*[[Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)]]
*[[Can You Name All the Pokémon? BW]]
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