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Pokémon World Tournament

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===Driftveil Tournament===
{{incomplete|section|Missing Trainers}}
EachThese Pokémon can be male or female, unless they are from a single-gender species. In [[Pokémon battle|Single Battles]], each Trainer uses the first two Pokémon listed, as well as one of the others.other Eachtwo; in [[Double Battle]]s, each Trainer uses all four Pokémon; canand bein any[[Triple genderBattle|Triple]] and [[Rotation Battle]]s, each Trainer uses one of each of the first two Pokémon and two of each of the other two.
{{Trainerentry|Spr B2W2 Pokémon Ranger M.png|Pokémon Trainer|???|N/A|4|567|Archeops||25||512|Simisage||25||627|Rufflet|♂|25||592|Frillish||25|||||||||||||||||???|???|???|}}
*[[Iris]] is the only character to have been {{pkmn|Champion}} at the time of release to be absent from the tournament, and one of only two [[Gym Leader]]s to be absent from it, the other being [[Koga]].
*All [[Rental Pokémon]] in the Pokémon World Tournament's have an [[Trainer ID number|ID number]] isof 41122.

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