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Red Rock Isle

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'''Red Rock Isle''' (Japanese: '''赤岩島''' ''{{tt|Sekigan|Red Rock}} Isle'') is one of many small islands in the [[Whirl Islands]] archipelago. The [[Whirl Cup]] is held here, in [[Scarlet City]].
==GeographyIn the anime==
Red Rock Isle is the setting for the anime episodes from [[Octillery The Outcast]] to [[Plant It Now...Diglett Later]]
The events of [[Octillery The Outcast]], [[Dueling Heroes]], and [[The Perfect Match]] follow the annual Whirl Cup competition.
[[Plant It Now...Diglett Later]] takes place in [[Diglett Village]], and sees the main characters protecting the residents of the town from a group of thieves who are attempting to steal the town's [[Diglett]] upon which the local economy is based.
====Cities and towns====

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