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'''Roland''' (Japanese: '''ヨーシチ''' ''Yōshichi'') is a [[character of the day]] in ''[[DP170|An Elite Coverup!]]'' and a relative of [[Bertha]].
Roland gave his {{p|Magby}} to the disguised [[Team Rocket trio]] for them to raise and [[evolutionEvolution|evolve]] into a {{p|Magmar}}, unaware of their true intentions. Afterwards, he met {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|his friends}} and became attracted to [[Ash's Pikachu]], which he later played with in a park.
Later on, with the help of his new friends, as well as the [[Sinnoh]] [[Elite Four]] member [[Bertha]], he was able to track Team Rocket down and get back his Magby. With Bertha's encouragement, Roland had his Magby deliver the final blow to defeat Team Rocket.
* Prior to this episode's initial airing in the United States, the online summary given by [[Poké]] incorrectly referred to Roland as Ian.
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