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Tao trio

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Iris: "But, but... The twin heroes sons' started the battle again! And an instant later, Reshiram and Zekrom destroyed Unova with fire and lightning! Then, they disappeared! But, but... If people work with Pokémon in the right way, we don't have to worry anymore about the work being destroyed. I mean, Reshiram and Zekrom worked hard for everyone and made a new region! So it should be alright, I think.-->
Kyurem's origins are much different than those of the other two. The third dragon came down to the [[Pokémon world]] from an icy meteor and crashed into a place called [[Giant Chasm]]. An old legend in [[Lacunosa Town]] describing Kyurem claims that it would take people and Pokémon away from the town and eat them; this is why the town is now surrounded by a giant wall, and why none of its residents set food outside their homes after dark. <!--Another claim is that Kyurem is the corpse of the original Dragon Pokémon after it had split into {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}}.-->
==Similar movesets==

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