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At the end of the disused line, Looker finds a warehouse and heads inside. Meanwhile Ampharos is able to use {{m|ThunderPunch}} on the net, freeing the three Pokémon while Team Rocket and the balloon fall to the ground knocking them out. Ash has {{AP|Staraptor}} look for the missing Pokémon while Pikachu and the rest came to a junction. Piplup naturally takes the leads and walks the front road with Happiny, but they quickly come running back chased by an angry flock of {{p|Fearow}}. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Ampharos uses Signal Beam however the Fearow are able to dodge it, sending Pikachu and Ampharos on the run as well. Soon all four come to a cliff and have no choice but to jump down, luckily this is enough to lose the Fearow. Meanwhile the assistant receives a call from the driver, learning that the Pokémon had been stolen by Team Rocket.
Continuing the search for their trainersTrainers, the Pokémon find a big boulder blocking the way. Pikachu and Ampharos are unable move to it, making Piplup laugh at them... however Piplup is quick to stop laughing when his {{m|BubbleBeam}} and {{m|Whirlpool}} still can't make it budge. Naturally it comes down to Happiny and her strength to move it. After grabbing the boulder, the Playhouse Pokémon tosses it up to the sky and then throws it in the river.
Inside the mysterious warehouse, Looker finds that the disused track leads directly to Lake Acuity. Taking out his detective's goggles, he finds footprints on the floor and then a piece of paper.
Pikachu and the others continue their journey, however Team Rocket are down but not out as the Pokémon fell into another of their traps and end up all caught in a bag. Luckily, Ash and the others are nearby and Ash had Staraptor free the Pokémon with {{m|Aerial Ace}}. Team Rocket then decide to battle the trainersTrainers to try to reclaim the Pokémon, sending out {{TP|James|Carnivine}} (which shows James how much it loves him by causing him pain as usual) and {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. Things look like they're going badly, however {{TP|Brock|Sudowoodo}} manages to save the day when it uses a new attack, {{m|Hammer Arm}}. Then Pikachu finishes with {{m|Volt Tackle}}, ending Team Rocket's train ride and sending them blasting off.
At sunset, the assistant, Looker and the gang return to the train ready to get moving again. Looker explains his long absence, telling everyone he took the time to look at the scenery. With the signal and junction set correct and Ampharos ready to get things moving again the train can finally finish its trip to Lake Acuity. Looker wishes Ash good luck for his battle against Paul, and Ash thanks him excitedly preparing for the battle against his rival.

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