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Back at the lodge, Marcel shows them the security cameras he has placed in the garden, as Ash and the others keep an eye on the sleeping Snorlax. Ash feels confident enough to battle Snorlax and maybe help get rid of it by capturing it in a [[Poké Ball]]. Suddenly, May notices on the screen that Snorlax is now wide awake, and feasting away on the bananas. Ash rushes outside to find it and challenge it, while the others follow.
As Snorlax nears the area where the Slakoth are taking cover, Ash finds it, and demands it to stop, and when it doesn't, he challenges it and threatens to capture it. It doesn't seem to care as it just continues eating, so Ash has {{AP|Pikachu}} try its {{m|Thunder}}. But they find Snorlax still feasting on banana bunches, as if nothing happened. While Max and Brock are paying attention to the attack, all May seems to notice is that her precious bananas are still being eaten, to which Max and Brock sigh in disappointment. Ash then tries having Pikachu strike with its {{m|Iron Tail}}, but it seems to have caused no damage at all. Just then, Snorlax leans back with its mouth open. Brock warns Ash that Snorlax is about to counter with {{m|Yawn}}! Ash has no idea what that is but before he can ask, Snorlax releases many pink bubbles which hits Ash and Pikachu and they both collapse on the ground and doze off. Brock then explains that the attack causes drowsiness, as Max and May try andto shake them awake. Unfortunately, Snorlax's Yawn bubbles hit them too, and they fall {{Status|Sleep|asleep}} as well. Before Brock and Marcel can do anything, it hits them too. Snorlax then dozes off as well.
At that moment, Team Rocket are flying over the garden in their balloon equipped with a lever and robot claw, searching for Snorlax. To their luck, they find not only it sleeping, but Ash and the others sleeping next to it! Meowth gently lowers the claw at Snorlax, trying not to wake it. Unfortunately for them, they don't know about its ability to attack in its sleep. Snorlax then uses Yawn attack, and the three of them fall asleep. While they are asleep, Meowth lets go of the lever, losing control of the claw which goes back up so fast that the balloon explodes and Team Rocket fall out of the balloon and land in a bush near the others.

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