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With Reggie: i dont know who deleted this, but i'm not pleased. the whole point of weavile not having an article is for the detail to improve this article. To have no detail on either page is silly. However, as compromise i've reduced detail.
|vajp=Chinami Nishimura
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc={{p|Weavile}} made its first appearance in ''[[DP040|Top-Down Training!]]''., Itwhere wasit used in a battle againstfought [[Cynthia's Garchomp]]. DespiteIts having{{t|Ice}} aattributes gave it an enormous type-advantage, over the {{pt|WeavileDragon}}/{{type|Ground}}. lostIt easilyopened towith a powerful {{pm|GarchompBlizzard}}, but Garchomp shielded itself with its fin and took next to no damage. ItGarchomp then used Dragon Rush, which caused Weavile to freeze. Instead of trying to dodge, Paul ordered Weavile to use Ice Beam. However, Garchomp was alsoable revealedto indodge thisthe episodeattack thatand slam itself into Weavile, knocking it out cold. Paul later revealed that he caught {{p|Weavile}} while journeying through [[Hoenn]], [[Johto]] and [[Kanto]].
It wasreappeared not seen again untilin ''[[DP064|Riding the Winds of Change!]]'' where Paul used it to attack numerous wild {{p|Gligar}} and their {{TPp|Paul|ElectabuzzGliscor}} leader, before Murkrow drove them away. Paul kept Weavile out when he tracked them down later, where it used a single Ice Beam to captureblast Team Rocket off. It then used Blizzard to freeze the entire group of Gligar solid. {{TP|Paul|GliscorElectabuzz}} then came out to battle alongside Weavile, but Gliscor freed its pack and againthe confusion prevented the pair from landing a successful attack. The two focused better and hit Gliscor with an Ice Beam/Thunder combination, allowing Paul to capture it. Paul then recalled both of his Pokémon and left. untilIn ''[[DP100|Aiding the Enemy]]'', where it was seen trainingsparring with {{TP|Paul|Torterra}}. It appeared again in ''[[DP131|Pedalmanaged to thestrike Mettle!]]''Torterra, where itwho was onedistracted ofby the battlersplight inof [[Ash's Grotle]], with a powerful {{Ashm|Ice Shard}}. andHowever, once Paul's [[fullsnapped battle]].at Itit, lostTorterra tohit [[Ash'sWeavile Staraptor]],hard despitewith thea Frenzy type-advantagePlant.
It appeared again in ''[[DP188DP131|BattlingPedal ato Thaw inthe RelationsMettle!]]'', atwhere Reggieit was one of the battlers in {{Ash}} and Paul's house[[full battle]]. Its only opponent was {{AP|Staraptor}}, whereand it was hit by {{m|Quick Attack}}. It then used {{m|Swords Dance}} to improve its attack power, alongbefore repelling Staraptor's next {{m|Aerial Ace}} with Paula powerful Blizzard. Showing uncanny speed, Weavile managed to jump onto Staraptor's Torterraback and use {{m|Metal Claw}}, Ursaringslashing it to the ground before leaping nimbly to safety. However, Staraptor came back and Honchkrowused {{m|Close Combat}} to trade blows with Weavile's Metal Claw. The {{type|Fighting}} move managed to inflict damage on Weavile, sending it flying back as Ash called for {{m|Brave Bird}}. Weavile attempted to counter with Blizzard, but Staraptor was unhappytoo powerful and managed to findknock Weavile out Paulon contact. However, between the recoil suffered and the damage Weavile inflicted, Ash had lostto recall it.
It appeared again in ''[[DP188|Battling a Thaw in Relations!]]'' at Reggie's house, where it, along with [[Paul's Torterra]], {{TP|Paul|Ursaring}} and {{TP|Paul|Honchkrow}}, was unhappy to find out Paul had lost.
Weavile's known moves are {{m|Blizzard}}, {{m|Ice Beam}}, {{m|Ice Shard}}, {{m|Swords Dance}} and {{m|Metal Claw}}.}}

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