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**Ash's Roggenrolla will evolve into Boldore. '''''Correct'''''
**Ash and Trip will exchange Ash's Boldore and Trip's Gurdurr, allowing both of them to evolve. '''''Incorrect''''' There will be no more miraculous evolutions like [[Misty's Politoed]], [[Paul's Electivire]] or {{TP|Paul|Magmortar}}, [[Brock's Steelix]] or others.
**Ash will capture the [[Sunglasses Krokorok]], '''''Correct''''' and therehe will bemake no more captures in the region.
**Ash will battle Cynthia in the Generation V anime.
**The National Pokedex will be introduced and Iris will capture a {{p|Vibrava}} (this one is a bit of a long shot, but honestly, Iris has about three choices of Dragons)



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