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== Synopsis ==
As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} travel to [[Petalburg City]] so Ash can obtain his 5th [[Badge|Gym Badge]], they decide to take a break and have a picnic. Ash, as per usual, is excited for his upcoming match, but {{an|May}} and {{an|[[Max}}]] remind him that their dad is very powerful. {{an|Brock}} then reminds Ash that he hasn't chosen the three Pokémon that he will battle with, so Ash takes out all of his Pokémon. This is when he introduces his newly evolved {{AP|Grovyle|Sceptile}}. Every member of the team is delighted, except for {{AP|Corphish}}, who is a little disgruntled seeing the new Pokémon.
Ash isn't sure who he should choose, since he can't recall any of [[Norman]]'s Pokémon except for {{p|Vigoroth}}. Max says that he would never tell what other Pokémon Norman has, as he doesn't want to give Ash an advantage over his father. When Max asks May who she would cheer for, Ash or Norman, May admits that, even though she wants her father to win, she also doesn't want Ash to lose.

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