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Expectation for the [[M15]]:
: High Expectations
:: The events will feature Keldeo. :D (Already in Japanese Events! It's correct!)
:: How about Meleotta!
:: Will it feature Keldeo in [[Pokémon Black and White]] or [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Black and White 2]]?
:: If BW, will it unlock a new Pokémon if you trade it to BW2 like Meleotta (wrong spelling...someone correct it).
:: Will Meleotta be included in events?
:: have a problem.
:: Pls answer ASAP(ly).
:: My internet can't work with my DSi.
:: Before, all of the internet does not work with the DS but works once, but with my brother's DS, it always work.
:: Now, it doesn't work anymore in both DS. The usual problem is Cannot find IP Adress 05200+.
:: Still did not get Event Zekrom and Reshiram. :(
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