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A '''{{wp|Dubbing (filmmaking)|dub}}''' of the [[Pokémon anime]] is a version which has voices recorded in a different language than the original Japanese. By some definitions of the word, the original Japanese recording can also be considered a dub, but fans almost exclusively use the word to refer recordings in other languages, and refer to the Japanese recording as "the original" or "raw" version. Unless a dub corrects an obvious error, the Japanese version is considered [[canon]].
==The English dub==
The English dub was produced by [[4Kids Entertainment]] and [[TAJ Productions]] from seasons [[Pokémon: Indigo LeagueS01|one]] through [[Pokémon: Master QuestS05|five]].
Seasons [[Pokémon: AdvancedS06|six]], [[Pokémon: Advanced ChallengeS07|seven]] and [[Pokémon: Advanced BattleS08|eight]] were produced solely by 4Kids Entertainment. After this, 4Kids lost dubbing rights, and seasons [[S09|nine]] and [[S10|ten]] were produced by [[The Pokémon Company International{{TPCi|Pokémon USA]]}} and TAJ Productions. Since the beginning of [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle DimensionS11|season eleven]], the dub is produced by Pokémon USA (now The Pokémon Company International) with [[DuArt Film & Video]].
The dub has been the target of criticism and {{pkmn|controversy}} throughout its history. Despite these criticisms, most of the English dub is well -received, and has many viewers, some even preferring it over the original Japanese anime. Many would like to see DVDs containing the original Japanese version with subtitles, but that has yet to happen.
During the early years of the dub, new episodes aired a year or more after their original Japanese airing, with 4Kids' long season breaks tending to cause the dub to fall far behind the original. ''[[AG001|Get the Show on the Road!]]'' and ''[[AG002|Ruin with a View]]'', for instance, were first aired in March of 2003 to commemorate the English release of {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, as they were in Japan for the Japanese release,; however, atin the timedub inprior theto dubthat point, Ash had only just gotten his seventh [[Johto]] badgeBadge, and he would continueremain throughin the regionJohto until that November, when the AGAdvanced Generation episodes would finally begin to be aired in order. When Pokémon USA took the helm, the episodes were initially asaired farwith apartthe same delay as they had been before,; however, the impending release of the English versions of {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} forced them to, rathercompress thanthe airairing aof specialthe andninth notseason revisitin theorder seriesto untilbe laterable into start the year,{{series|Diamond air& thePearl}} [[Pokémon:at Battlethe Frontier|Battlesame Frontiertime arc]]without asskipping quicklyepisodes. asAs theya possibly couldresult, reducing the nearly yearlong gap of thebetween episodes atwas thereduced beginningfrom ofnearly thea seasonyear to nearlycloser halfto thatsix amount,months. andThrough stayingsubsequent atseasons aand gapseries, ofthe aroundgap 150has daysfurther (fivereduced, months) forwith the remainder of thecurrent {{series|DiamondSun & PearlMoon}}. Earlymaintaining intoan theaverage {{series|Bestgap Wishes}},of the time between original and dub airings was cut again, now staying at approximately 11473 days, about four months.
The English-language dub is broadcast in many countries, including {{pmin|the United States}}, {{pmin|Canada}}, {{pmin|the United Kingdom}}, {{pmin|Australia}}, and {{pmin|New Zealand}}, {{pmin|Ireland}}, and {{pmin|Singapore}}.
==Other languages==
The Pokémon anime has been dubbed to many languages. Most western countries use the English dub as the basis for their own dub, insteadwhile ofsome Asian countries use the original Japanese version instead. Some dubs leave English names and text untranslated<!-- and also leave the opening song in English-->. Other than English, the anime has been at least partially dubbed to {{wppmin|Arabicthe languageArab world|Arabic}}, {{wppmin|Basque languageSpain|Basque}}, {{wp|Bulgarian languagepmin|BulgarianBulgaria}}n, {{wppmin|Spain#Catalan languagedub|Catalan}}, both {{wppmin|CantoneseGreater China|Cantonese}} and {{wp|Mandarin Chinese|Mandarin}} {{wp|Chinese language|Chinese}}, {{wppmin|Croatian languageCroatia|Croatian}}, {{wppmin|the Czech languageRepublic|Czech}}, {{wppmin|Danish languageDenmark|Danish}}, {{wppmin|Dutchthe languageNetherlands|Dutch}}, {{wp|Estonian language|Estonian}}, {{wppmin|Filipinothe languagePhilippines|Filipino}}, {{wppmin|Finnish languageFinland|Finnish}}, both {{wppmin|Canadian FrenchCanada|Canadian}} and {{wppmin|European FrenchFrance|European}} {{wp|French language|French}}, {{wppmin|German languageGermany|German}}, {{wppmin|Greek languageGreece|Greek}}, {{wppmin|Hebrew languageIsrael|Hebrew}}, {{wppmin|South Asia|Hindi}}, {{wppmin|Hungarian languageHungary|Hungarian}}, {{wppmin|Icelandic languageIceland|Icelandic}}, {{wp|Indonesian languagepmin|IndonesianIndonesia}}n, {{wppmin|Italy|Italian}}, language{{pmin|ItalianLithuania}}n, {{wppmin|KoreanSouth languageKorea|Korean}}, {{wppmin|NorwegianMalaysia}}n, language{{pmin|NorwegianNorth Macedonia|Macedonia}}n, {{wppmin|PolishNorway|Norwegian}}, language{{pmin|Poland|Polish}}, both {{wp|Brazilian Portuguesepmin|BrazilianBrazil}}ian and {{wppmin|Portugal|European Portuguese|Iberian}}, {{wppmin|Portuguese languageRomania|PortugueseRomanian}}, {{wppmin|Romanian language|RomanianRussia}}n, {{wppmin|Russian language|RussianSerbia}}n, {{wppmin|Slovak languageSlovakia|Slovak}}, {{wp|Slovene language|Slovene}}, both {{wp|American Spanishpmin|Latin AmericanAmerica}}n and {{wppmin|PeninsularSpain|European Spanish|Iberian}}, {{wppmin|Spanish languageSweden|SpanishSwedish}}, {{wppmin|SwedishSouth languageAsia|SwedishTamil}}, {{wppmin|TamilSouth languageAsia|TamilTelugu}}, {{wppmin|Telugu languageThailand|TeluguThai}}, {{wppmin|ThaiTurkey|Turkish}}, language{{pmin|Ukraine|ThaiUkrainian}}, {{pmin|Spain|Valencian}} and {{wppmin|Turkish language|TurkishVietnam}}ese.
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