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(Japanese: '''エドモンド''' ''Edmond'') is a [[character of the day]] in [[BW070]]. Hisand was [[Stephan]]'s first opponent wasin the [[StephanDonamite]], tournament. He appears quite meek and timid usually but losthe becomes more aggressive in battle. He was quite confident that he would be victorious as a sudden rainstorm came in which would activate his {{p|Seismitoad}}'s ability, {{a|Swift Swim}}. However he did not count on Seismitoad getting injured and thus slowed down which led to his loss.
|img=<!--Edmond SeimitoadSeismitoad.png-->
|desc={{p|Seismitoad}} is Edmond's only known Pokémon and was used in the first round of the [[Donamite]] against [[Stephan's Sawk]]. Its ablility {{a|Swift Swim}} helped it gain speed in the battle but it wasn't enough. Its leg was injured by Sawk's Low Sweep and it lost the battle.
<!--Seismitoad's only known movesmove areis {{m|Drain Punch}}, and its Ability is {{ma|Swift Swim}}.-->}}
<!--==Voice actors==
|en=English voice actor}}-->
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