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Grand Festival

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The '''Grand Festival''' (Japanese[[File: '''グランドフェスティバル''' ''Grand Festival'') is the anime-exclusive final challenge for all [[Pokémon Coordinator]]slogo. In order to qualify, Coordinators must win five ribbons from [[Pokémon Contest]]s throughout a specific region. png|thumb|250px|The winnerGrand receivesFestival the [[Ribbon Cuplogo]], as well as the title of [[Top Coordinator]].
The '''Grand Festival''' (Japanese: '''グランドフェスティバル''' ''Grand Festival'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive competition organized by the [[Pokémon Activities Committee]] that is held once every year in several [[region]]s in the [[Pokémon world]].
TheIt tournamentis followsthe agoal similarof structure toevery [[Pokémon ContestsCoordinator]] withto aenter the fewGrand differencesFestival. AThe keycompetition differencemarks isthe thatend thereof area more judges - in [[Hoenn]] there were two extra [[Nurse Joy]]region's while [[VivianPokémon Meridian|VivianContest]] joinedcircuit theand threegives judgesrise into [[Kanto]]a andnew [[Fantina]]Top joined them in [[SinnohCoordinator]].
The [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] is held in [[Slateport City]] while the [[Kanto Grand Festival]] is held at the [[Indigo Plateau]]. The [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]] is held at Lake Valor, which was the same location where the [[Wallace Cup]] was held. There is also a Grand Festival for the [[Johto]] region presumably, though it is unknown where it might be held.
===Rounds===[[File:Hoenn Grand Festival Judges.png|thumb|250px|Judges in the Hoenn Grand Festival]]
====PreliminariesThe rounds====general structure of each Grand Festival tournament is similar: [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s must register for a [[Contest Pass]], something which they can do at any [[Contest Hall]], and then must collect at least five [[Ribbon]]s in order to become eligible to enter the competition. The winner is awarded the title of [[Top Coordinator]] and given the [[Ribbon Cup]] as proof of their achievement.
The first two rounds are Appeal stages. Coordinators must twice produce impressive appeals with their Pokémon in order to progress through the tournament and only the best 32 coordinators go through to the finals. Each round takes place on a separate day.
====FinalsIn rounds====contrast with regular [[Pokémon Contest]]s, where contestants have to use the same {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} for the entire [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]], Coordinators in the Grand Festival are allowed to switch Pokémon between battles. As a result, contestants have the opportunity to showcase their full [[party]] throughout the competition. Another distinguishing aspect is that Grand Festival tournaments have more [[Contest Judge|judges]] in attendance to evaluate the work presented by the large number of Coordinators taking part in the event.
On the third day of the tournament, the Coordinators face each other in knock-out double battles. Matches last for five minutes and the Coordinator with the least points loses if both opponents still have a Pokémon standing. The Coordinator who wins all four matches is the winner of the tournament.
===CoordinatorsThe who[[Hoenn]], have[[Kanto]], participated[[Johto]], inand a[[Sinnoh]] [[region]]s are all confirmed to have Grand Festival=== tournaments. The locations chosen to host these competitions appear to change every year and are announced weeks in advance so that everyone who qualified has ample time to prepare and work out their personal schedule.
The following coordinators have competed in the final rounds of the Grand Festival:
* {{an|May}} of [[Petalburg City]]
* [[Drew]] of [[LaRousse City]]
* [[Harley]] of [[Slateport City]]
* {{OBP|Anthony|coordinator}}
* {{an|Dawn}} of [[Twinleaf Town]]
* [[Ursula]]
* [[Jessilina]]
* [[Zoey]] of [[Snowpoint City]]
* [[Nando]]
===Top Coordinators=Format==
Top Coordinators areThe Grand Festival winningis Coordinators,divided earningin thetwo stages: one focuses on [[Ribbon CupAppeal|performances]]., Thewhich followingcan Coordinatorsbe haveeither wonsingle theor Grand[[Double FestivalPerformance|double]], inand the regionother inrevolves parentheses:around [[Double Battle|two-on-two]] [[Contest Battle]]s.
* [[Dr. Abby]] of [[Foothill Town]] ([[Hoenn]])
* [[Yuma]] ===Performances===
*In the Performance Stage, [[WallacePokémon Coordinator]]s ofshow off their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}'s unique [[Sootopolismove]]s in order to impress the judges and the audience. The performances are awarded points by a [[Contest Judge|panel of Cityjudges]], and the Coordinators with the highest scores proceed to the next stage.
* [[Juan]] of [[Sootopolis City]] ([[Hoenn]])
*In {{ho|Robert}}the oftournaments held in [[SilverHoenn]] Rockand Isle[[Kanto]], this stage is further divided in two rounds. In the first one, known as the preliminary round, Coordinators have one of their Pokémon performing with no more than one move used one time. The 64 highest-scoring contestants advance to the second round, where they are allowed to use as many moves as necessary to showcase the charms of their Pokémon. Contrasting this, the tournament taking place in ([[HoennSinnoh]]) has just one round reserved for performances, during which Coordinators must showcase two Pokémon at once as the competition is held under the [[Double Performance]] rule.
* [[Solidad]] of [[Pewter City]] ([[Kanto]])
*The [[Johanna]]number of [[TwinleafCoordinators Town]]advancing to the Battle Stage varies. In Hoenn and ([[Sinnoh]]), 32 contestants will move on to compete in {{wp|Single-elimination tournament|single-elimination}} Contest Battles, while in Kanto, only the 16 best scorers will be allowed to show their battling capabilities.
* [[Zoey]] of [[Snowpoint City]] ([[Sinnoh]])
* [[Fantina]] of [[Hearthome City]] ([[Sinnoh]])===Battles===
*In the Battle Stage, Pokémon Coordinators are randomly matched-up by a computer up to the semifinals. The battles adhere to the [[MarinaDouble (Johto)|MarinaBattle]] format and victory goes to the Coordinator whose attacks most effectively lower the opponent's points within the five-minute time limit. A battle will also end due to judges ruling {{DL|Fainting|Battle Off}} when understanding that both of [[Newa Barkcontestant's Town]]Pokémon are unable to battle, or when they perceive that the one standing after its partner has been previously knocked out can no longer continue.
Contestants move up the brackets in single-elimination style. Highly skilled Coordinators move on to compete with a smaller pool of contestants, and each losing Coordinator is placed accordingly. After a winner is decided, they are bestowed the title of [[Top Coordinator]] and awarded the [[Ribbon Cup]].
==List of Grand Festival tournaments==
{| class="roundy" style="background:#{{contest color}}; border:3px solid #{{contest color dark}}; margin:auto; text-align:center"
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | Region
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}" | Grand Festival
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}" | Location
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}" | Starting episode
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}" | Final episode
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}" | Winner
! style="background:#{{contest color light}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | Other notable contestants
|- style="background:#FFF"
! style="background:#{{hoenn color light}}" | {{color2|{{hoenn color dark}}|Hoenn}}
| [[Hoenn Grand Festival]]
| [[File:Grand Festival Hoenn.png|x100px|Slateport City]]<br>[[Slateport City]]
| [[File:AG121.png|x100px|Hi Ho Silver Wind!]]<br>''[[AG121|Hi Ho Silver Wind!]]''
| [[File:AG123.png|x100px|Rhapsody in Drew]]<br>''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]''
| [[File:Robert Ribbon Cup.png|x100px|Robert]]<br>{{ho|Robert}}
| [[Drew]] (Runner-up)<br>{{an|May}} (Top 8)<br>[[Harley]] (Top 32)
|- style="background:#FFF"
! style="background:#{{kanto color light}}" | {{color2|{{kanto color dark}}|Kanto}}
| [[Kanto Grand Festival]]
| [[File:Grand Festival Kanto.png|x100px|Indigo Plateau]]<br>[[Indigo Plateau]]
| [[File:AG180.png|x100px|May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!]]<br>''[[AG180|May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!]]''
| [[File:AG182.png|x100px|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]<br>''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]''
| [[File:Solidad Ribbon Cup.png|x100px|Solidad]]<br>[[Solidad]]
| {{an|May}} (Top 4)<br>[[Drew]] (Top 8)<br>[[Harley]] (Top 16)
! style="background:#{{sinnoh color light}}; {{roundybl|5px}}" |{{color2|{{sinnoh color dark}}|Sinnoh}}
| style="background:#FFF" | [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]]
| style="background:#FFF" | [[File:Grand Festival Sinnoh.png|x100px|Lake Valor]]<br>[[Lake Valor]]
| style="background:#FFF" | [[File:DP174.png|x100px|Last Call — First Round!]]<br>''[[DP174|Last Call — First Round!]]''
| style="background:#FFF" | [[File:DP177.png|x100px|A Grand Fight for Winning!]]<br>''[[DP177|A Grand Fight for Winning!]]''
| style="background:#FFF" | [[File:Zoey Winning.png|x100px|Zoey]]<br>[[Zoey]]
| style="background:#FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}" | {{an|Dawn}} (Runner-up)<br>[[Jessie|Jessilina]] (Top 4)<br>[[Nando]] (Top 4)
===Top Coordinator===
{{main|Top Coordinator}}
The title of '''Top Coordinator''' (Japanese: '''トップコーディネーター''' ''Top Coordinator'') is an {{wp|Title of honor|honorary title}} bestowed upon a [[Pokémon Coordinator]] who has won the Grand Festival in recognition of their merits. The person bestowed does not have to carry out any specific duties.
===Ribbon Cup===
{{main|Ribbon Cup}}
The '''Ribbon Cup''' (Japanese: '''リボンカップ''' ''Ribbon Cup'') is a trophy awarded to a Pokémon Coordinator who has won the Grand Festival to mark their achievement. It denotes its recipient as having become a Top Coordinator. It is made of pure gold and its design varies depending on the [[region]].
* TheApparently, Granda Festival[[Pokémon Coordinator]] may apparently be entered with Ribbons won by ''anyone'', regardless of ifenter the entrantGrand wasFestival thewith winner{{pkmn|Contest}} of[[Ribbon]]s thethat requiredwere fiveearned contestsby orsomeone notelse. This is seen by the fact that [[Jessie|Jessilina]] entered the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]] with a ribbonRibbon that was won by [[Princess Salvia]] posing as Dawn.
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{contest color light}}|bordercolor={{contest color}}
|zh_cmn=大型慶典 ''Grand Festival''
|fi=Suurfestivaali ([[S06]]-[[S08]])<br>Suurjuhla ([[S09]]-present)
|fr=Grand Festival
|de=Großes Festival
|he=הגרנד פסטיבל ''Grand Festival''
|hi=महॉ मुक़ाब्ला ''Maha Muqaabla''
|it=Grand Festival
|pl=Wielki Festiwal
|pt=Grande Festival
|ru=Большой Фестиваль ''Bol'shoy Festival''
|es=Gran Festival
|sv=Grand Festival
{{contest}}==See also==
* {{cat|Grand Festival episodes}}
[[Category:Pokémon competitions]]{{contest}}<br>
{{anime competitions|contest}}<br>
{{Project Anime notice|no}}
[[Category:Pokémon Contests]]
[[Category:Multiregional competitions]]
[[de:Großes Festival]]
[[es:Gran Festival]]
[[fr:Grand Festival]]
[[it:Grand Festival]]
[[ptzh:Grande Festival华丽大型庆典]]

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