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Vermilion Gym

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In the anime
==In the anime==
Vermilion Gym's only {{pkmn|anime}} appearance came in ''[[EP014|Electric Shock Showdown]]''. Its appearance is similar to a warehouse with lightning bolts painted on it, and the arena inside is a dimly-lit boxing ring. The battles are one on one. One significant difference is that Lt. Surge was shown to have junior trainers that are both male and female wearing military-style uniforms. In the games his junior trainers are all male, and none of them wear military-style uniforms.
{{Ash}} challenged Lt. Surge to a battle, hoping for his third badge. However, Surge just laughed when he saw [[Ash's Pikachu]], claiming it could never beat his {{TP|Lt. Surge|Raichu}}. Pikachu decided to prove Surge wrong, and went ahead battling it. However, its [[evolution|evolved form]] proved much more powerful, as it easily defeated Pikachu.

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