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== Synopsis ==
As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} travel to [[Petalburg City]] so Ash can obtain his 5th [[Badge|Gym Badge]], they decide to take a break and have a picnic. Ash decides to take out all of his Pokémon out of their [[Poké Ball]]s and introduces the team to his newly evolved {{AP|Grovyle|Sceptile}} with all of the team being delighted except for {{AP|Corphish}}. While Corphish tries getting fruit for the gang but eventually fails due to his overwhelming power, Grovyle {{m|Leaf Blade|cuts down}} the fruit and they can happily eat, making Corphish more jealous of Grovyle. Then, a {{p|Ludicolo}} suddenly appears (belonging to a Trainer named {{ho|Poncho}}). Poncho, after examining {{TP|Brock|Lombre|Ludicolo}} asks to have a battle. If any of the gang lost, they would have to give Poncho their sandwiches, and if Poncho lost, he would buy them some cheeseburgers. Poncho chooses his trusty Ludicolo, And although Ash was probably going to choose {{AP|Pikachu}}, Grovyle came wanting to battle, but not before Corphish would interfere. In the end Corphish loses, but does not admit defeat and runs off. The gang then figures out that they have been praising Grovyle far more than the now ignored Corphish, causing the aforementioned Pokemon to feel inferior. {{TRT}} then sees Ludicolo, his trainer and Corphish having lunch and have[[Meowth]] has one of theirhis fantasies involving {{an|[[Giovanni|the boss}}]] and Ludicolo. Team Rocket captures Poncho and Ludicolo but Corphish saves the two and helps lead Ash and friends find him. In the end, they all have lunch and go to Petalburg City, where [[Norman]] awaits.
== Major events ==

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