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Red (game)

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Trivia: Irrelevant; it's obviously just "Nintendo" condensed to the character limit. It's nothing more complex than that, as evidenced by the rival's name.
** Red's Pikachu's four moves are the same four moves that [[Ash's Pikachu]] used most recently in the anime as of the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver: {{m|Volt Tackle}}, {{m|Quick Attack}}, {{m|Iron Tail}}, and {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
** Red's Generation II team was also the same as that of Red in the Pokémon Adventures manga during his venture to Mt. Silver - while he didn't ''own'' Charizard and Blastoise, he borrowed them for a time from {{adv|Blue}} and {{adv|Green}} respectively. However, Red did not own a Lapras as he does in Generation IV.
* An unused default name for Red in the English [[Generation I]] games was "[[Nintendo|NINTEN]]". Conversely, {{ga|Blue}}'s unused default name is "{{wp|Sony|SONY}}". While normally unviewable, changing a few addresses within the game's code can allow for these names to appear as shown [ here]. This references the fact that in the years surrounding the releases of the Generation I games, Sony was Nintendo's main competition, and may possibly reference the {{wb|Ninten|main character}} of another Nintendo RPG developed by [[Creatures, Inc.]], {{wb|Mother (video game)|Mother}}.
* Hidden name data for Red in the Japanese [[Generation I]] games include: やまぐち ''Yamaguchi'' for the player and いしはら ''Ishihara'' for the rival in {{game|Red and Green|s}}. Yamaguchi refers to [[Wataru Yamaguchi]], an art director on the original games, while Ishihara refers to [[Tsunekaz Ishihara]], who is now the head of [[The Pokémon Company]]. In [[Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese)|Pokémon Blue]], the player's unused default name is ゲーフリ ''Gēfuri'', an abbreviation of [[Game Freak]]'s Japanese name ゲームフリーク ''Gēmu Furīku''. As for the rival, his name is クリチャ ''Kuricha'', in what it seems a reference to [[Creatures, Inc.]] As for {{game|Yellow}}, it preserved the rival's name from Pokémon Blue; however, for an unknown reason, the player's name was subtly altered by gaining an extra digit, becoming "ゲーフリ1". For more information, see [ this article].
* The majority of his Japanese default names from {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}} are shared with {{ga|Ethan}} and {{ga|Lucas}}. The same holds true for their {{ga|Leaf|respective}} {{ga|Lyra|female}} {{ga|Dawn|counterparts}}.

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