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Darkness (TCG)

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{{TCGTypes|Tcg darkness}}
The '''Darkness type''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|悪|あく}}''' ''Evil'') is one of the teneleven {{TCG|Elemental typesType|TCG elemental types}}. It is represented by the color black, and symbolized by an exaggerated crescent moon.
The Darkness type usually contains allmost {{ttype|Dark}} Pokémon found in the Gamemain Boyseries video games. For example, both {{p|MightyenaBisharp}} and {{p|Sneasel}} are Darkness types in the TCG.
LikeThe theDarkness Metal-type, thewas Darkness-typeintroduced hasin itsthe own{{TCG|Neo SpecialGenesis}} Energyset, whichalong affectswith onlythe Darkness{{TCG|Metal}} Pokémontype, andwhen Pokémon withthe {{t|Dark}}- inand their{{type|Steel}}s names.were Itadded allowsupon an{{game|Gold attackand toSilver|s}}'s dorelease. 10Prior moreto damagethis, thanthere usual,were ifno itDarkness doestype damagePokémon.
BeginningLike inthe {{TCG|Metal}} type, the EXDarkness seriestype ofhas theits TCGown Special Energy, {{TCGSpecial|DarkDarkness Energy}}. This type of energy affects only Darkness type Pokémon| and Pokémon with "Dark" in their names}}, and Pokémonallowed belongingan toattack [[Teamthat Rocket]],did [[Teamdamage Aqua|Aqua]],do or10 [[Teammore Magma|Magma]]damage. wouldThere bewas bothno ofbasic theirDarkness naturalEnergy typecard and ofuntil the {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} set when [[Darkness-type Energy (Basic)|one was finally released]].
OutThe Darkness type can be seen as the "dark" or "evil" type of allthe typesgame. besidesFor example, since the EX series of the TCG, {{TCG|ColorlessDark Pokémon|Pokémon with "Dark" in their names}} and Pokémon belonging to [[Team Rocket]], [[Team Aqua|Aqua]], or [[Team Magma|Magma]] would be both of their natural type and of the Darkness- type. Likewise, the Darkness type is providedused byon thea mostnumber of {{TCG|Special Energy cards}}:, {{Special|Darknesssuch Energy}},as {{TCG|Aqua Energy}}, {{TCG|Magma Energy}}, {{TCG|Dark Metal Energy}}, and {{TCG|R Energy}}. Thisand maythe be due toaforementioned {{TCGSpecial|DarkDarkness PokémonEnergy}} using the Energy as much as Darkness-type Pokémon do.
==Battle properties==
Generally, Darkness Pokémon have a weakness to:
* {{TCG|Fighting}}
* {{TCG|Grass}} (if the Pokémon had a secondary type weak to {{t|Grass}}- or {{type2|Bug}}s in the video games)
Generally, Darkness Pokémon have a resistance to:
These types are generally weak to Darkness Pokémon:
* {{TCG|Psychic}} (if the PokemonPokémon was notis a {{type2type|PoisonGhost}} in the video games)
These types are generally resistant to Darkness Pokémon:
* None{{TCG|Fairy}}
==Darkness Pokémon in the TCG==
See [[:Category:Darkness-type Pokémon cards]] for all Pokémon cards that have this type.
[[Category:TCG]]==In other languages==
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|th=ความมืด ''Khwam Muet''
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