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and to think that we used to only say there was one...
'''PKMN''' has several referrals:
* '''[[Pokémon]]''', often shortened to PKMN, especially in the games.
* '''[[PkMn (glitch Pokémon)]]''', aSeveral [[glitch Pokémon]] from {{game|Red and Blue|s}}.:
** '''[[PkMn (C5)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (CE)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (D2)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (D6)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (D8)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (DC)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (DE)]]'''
** '''[[PkMn (F7)]]'''

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