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A new version of Pokésav was released compatible with {{2v2|Black|White}}. This version has been fully translated into English by jsparrow<!--Clone's 0.06c is still incomplete-->. As of 31 October 2010 it is at version 0.06c, however the developer has not added it to his main Pokésav page. It has its own separate page, and is very likely a work in progress. This version does not edit Badges.
ForAn theonline firstversion time ever, Onlineof Pokésav werewas developed by Kyohack, and they are the only web-based Pokésav on the internet. They are extremely easy to use and do not require any unofficial hardware or hacking knowledge! It only supports Fourth and Fifth Generation and requires you to connect to Kyohack's custom GTS server in order to receive Pokésav'd Pokémon. (Click on the "Online Pokésavs" link to go to main page).
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