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::I'd say they'd be better moved to size discrepancies in the Pokémon anime. I don't see how that Articuno is any different to Noland's in size. Its based purely off speculation, if it was intended that they were giants I'd imagine Oak or Ivy or someone would have said so, or the legend would have included it. '''[[User:Toon Ganondorf|<span style="color:#00693E">Toon Ganondorf</span> ]] [[User Talk:Toon Ganondorf|<span style="color:#D4AF37">(t</span>]] [[Special:Contributions/Toon Ganondorf|<span style="color:#D4AF37">c)</span>]]''' 02:02, 1 December 2011 (UTC)
:::Yes indeed. KG isn't available at the moment, but I'll bring it to her attention as soon as possible. <sup>[[Typhlosion (Pokémon)|<span style="color:#C00;">★</span>]]</sup>[[User:Jo The Marten|<span style="color:#C00;">Jo the Marten</span>]]<sup>[[Flygon (Pokémon)|<span style="color:#C00;">★</span>]]</sup> [[User_Talk:Jo The Marten|<span style="color:#C00;">ಠ_ಠ</span>]][[Cilan (anime)|<span style="color:#90C870;">♥</span>]] 02:09, 1 December 2011 (UTC)
== Addition ==
In Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief! There is a part where Beheeyem turns into a giant but it is in a dream. It is up to you if you add it though ~

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