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(traps don't have g's)
Note: I have lost all of my Bakugan and am only keeping this section for nostalgia's sake.
== Team Budew ==
{| align="left" style="{{roundy|10px}} border: 2px solid #{{soulsilver color dark}}; background: #{{soulsilver color}}; margin-right: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px;"
! style="{{roundytop|5px}} background: #{{soulsilver color light}}" colspan="4" | 現在のゲームCurrent game
|- align="center"
| style="background:#FFF;" | [[Image:HGSS_Lyra.png]]<br>{{color|0000FF|ジョシュSelena}}<br><small>ID No. 35003</small>
| style="background:#FFF;" | '''SelenaPokédex'''
{| align="center" style="{{roundy|10px}} background: #{{soulsilver color light}};"
|- align="center"
| style="{{roundy|10px}} background:#{{fire color light}};" width="80px" | [[Image:Spr_4h_157.png]]<br>[[Typhlosion (Pokémon)|<span class="explain" title="From Typhlosion">Ty</span>]]{{male}}
| style="{{roundy|10px}} background:#{{water color light}};" width="80px" | [[Image:Spr_4h_160.png]]<br>[[Feraligatr (Pokémon)|<span class="explain" title="Surf is her egg move">Surf</span>]]{{female}}
| style="{{roundy|10px}} background:#{{normal color light}}; border: 2px solid #{{flying color}};" width="80px" | [[Image:Spr_4h_017Spr_4h_143.png]]<br>[[PidgeottoSnorlax (Pokémon)|<span class="explain" title="ISnorlaxes alwaysare have a bird named Birdy for some reasonfat.">Birdy~FATTY</span>]]{{femalemale}}
| style="{{roundy|10px}} background:#{{water color light}}; border: 2px solid #{{flying color}};" width="80px" | [[Image:Spr_4h_130_f_s.png]]<br>[[Gyarados (Pokémon)|<span class="explain" title="Shiny Gyrados from Lake of Rage. I now realise it's a stupid name but am too lazy to change it.">IMSHINEH</span>]]{{female}}
| style="{{roundy|10px}} background:#{{psychic color light}}; border:2px solid #{{flying color}};" width="80px" | [[Image:Spr_4h_249.png]]<br>{{p|Lugia|MoonWave}}
|- align="center"
! colspan="4" style="background:#{{soulsilver color light}};" | プリントPrints:
|- align="center"
| colspan="4" style="{{roundybottom|10px}} background:#{{soulsilver color light}};" |

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