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Westerly Town

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'''Westerly Town''' (Japanese: '''ウェストタウン''' ''West Town'') is the Third accessible town in [[Pokémon Rumble Blast]], located within [[Rugged Flats]]. It holds a move vender for {{m|Fire Blast}} and a Red and Gold Move-a-Majig. It also holds the normal town facilities, including stations for co-op play, a StreetPass telescope, and more.
Westerly Town can be re-visited by going through regions near it and finding sleeping {{p|Drilbur}}, who will wake up out of surprise and dig a hole leading to Westerly Town. Likewise, there will be holes in Westerly Town which have holes leading to the region where the Drilbur was found. The player can also press start and "Return to Town".

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