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Crustle has been featured on {{#expr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Crustle (TCG)}} - 1}} different cards since it debuted in the {{TCG|RedNoble CollectionVictories}} expansion of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. Crustle cards are normally {{ct|Grass}} {{TCG|Stage 1 Pokémon}}.
==List of Pokémon cards featuring Crustle==
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|RedNoble CollectionVictories|Crustle|27}}|type=Grass|enset=Noble Victories|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=7/101|jpset=Red Collection|jprarity=Common|jpnum=002/066}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Crustle|4}}|type=Grass|jpset=Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck|jpnum=004/018}}

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