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J Promotional cards (TCG)

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*Released{{ExpansionPrevNext almost| simultaneously with the “P”prev=P Promotional cards, the| '''"J"'''next=T Promotional cards are reserved for Jumbo cards. While only 2 have been released, there is always a possibility for more.}}
[[Image:promosymbol.gif{{TCGPromoInfobox |frame|The symbol for the "J" Promotional cards is a black star with the word "PROMO" across it.]]
setname=J Promotional cards |
symbol=yes |
image=Promosymbol.gif |
cards=2 |
period=September 2001 - July 2002 |
{|The '''J Promotional cards''' are a series of Japanese promotional cards that focus solely on jumbo cards, released during the same time as the {{graytableTCG|P Promotional cards}}. At a total of two cards, this collection is the smallest Japanese numbered promotional collection. Jumbo cards distributed later often featured just the black star "PROMO" symbol, whereas more recent ones feature the suffix of current promotional sets with no number.
|- style="background: #eaeaea;"
!No.==Card list==
!Card{{Setlist/header|title=J NamePromotional cards|tablecol=CCCCFF|bordercol=8888AA|cellcol=E6E6FF|promo=yes|symbol=yes|image=Promosymbol.gif}}
!Type{{Setlist/entry|None|{{TCG ID|J Promo|Timeless Celebi|1}}|Grass|||CoroCoro Magazine (September 2001)}}
!Rarity{{Setlist/entry|None|{{TCG ID|J Promo|Latias & Latios|2}}|Colorless|||''[[M05|Guardian Gods of the City of Water: Latias and Latios]]'' theatrical release}}
| 1 || {{TCG ID|"J" Promo|Timeless Celebi|1}} || {{e|Grass}} || -- || CoroCoro Magazine (September 2001)
| 2 || {{TCG ID|"J" Promo|Latias & Latios|2}} || {{e|Colorless}} || (RH) || Latias & Latios Gift Set
{{TCG Expansions}}
[[Category:Japanese promotional cards|J promotional cards]]

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