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Pokémon Song Best Collection

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==Pokémon cards==
All of the cards included in the CD were previously released through other promotions in Japan. andThe featurereprints theof PikachuVenusaur, RecordsCharizard logoand toBlastoise distinguishalso themfeature fromthe theirPikachu priorRecords versionslogo. The onlyCD exceptionalso is the inclusion ofincludes an English Pikachu card, designed to introduce Japanese players to the West's adoption of the TCG.
*{{TCG ID|Base Set|Venusaur|15}}
*{{TCG ID|Base Set|Charizard|4}}
*{{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Arcanine|6}}
*{{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Mewtwo|12}}
*{{TCG ID|VendingWHF Special Sheet|Mew|S00promo}}
*{{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Cool Porygon|15}}
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo 64|Hungry Snorlax|promo}}

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