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King of Pokélantis

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The '''King of Pokélantis''' (Japanese: '''ポケランティス王''' ''King of Pokélantis'') is a king who ruled over an empire known as [[Pokélantis]] long ago. He is also the [[character of the day]] in ''[[AG178|Battling the Enemy Within]]''.
The king was a relatively selfish and greedy king. His main goal was to take over the world. In the legend, the king attempted to use {{p|Ho-Oh}}'s power to accomplish just that. In an act of fury over what the king did, Ho-Oh destroyed the kingdom of Pokélantis. However, the king escaped and got his revenge by supposedly sealing Ho-Oh in a [[History of Poké Balls|stone orb]] that was shaped like a [[Poké Ball]].
[[Image:Ash Possessed.png|thumb|205px|left|Ash after being possessed by the King of Pokélantis]]
Upon hearing the story from [[Pyramid King Brandon]] after tumbling into some ruins, {{Ash}} decided to look for the stone orb so he could release Ho-Oh. Once he found it, however, it did not have Ho-Oh inside, but instead the spirit of the king. He then possessed Ash and took his soul hostage. The king planned to finish what he had started many years ago. However, Brandon challenged him to a battle. He agreed that if the king were to defeat him in a battle then he would give all his Pokémon to him. The king accepted.

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