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'''Queen''' can refer tohas several kinds of positionsreferrals:
*For the ''Water Queen'', see '''{{p|Goldeen}}'''
*For the ''Pike Queen'' of the [[Hoenn]] [[Frontier Brain]]s, see '''[[Pike Queen Lucy]]'''
*For the ''Little Queen'' of [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], see '''[[Sashay]]'''
*For the current monarch of [[Rota]]'s [[Cameran Palace]], see '''[[Queen Ilene]]'''
*For Queen Ilene's ancestor, see '''[[Queen Rin]]'''
*For the ''[[Little Queen]]'' of [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], see '''[[Sashay]]'''
*For one of the current monarchs of [[Mirage Kingdom]], see the '''[[King and Queen of the Mirage Kingdom]]'''
*For one of the [[World Championships]]' winning {{Trading Card Game}} decks in 2005, see '''[[Queendom]]'''
*For one of the World Championships' winning TCG decks in 2009, see '''[[Queengar]]'''

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