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Ryouga, [[Miruto]], and Yappy are all invited to his house and they stay the night there. The next day, Ryouga begins his training; Rend, in his Burst form, deals a powerful blow to the back of Ryouga's head, knocking him unconscious. He reveals that he did so in order to actually send Ryouga inside of his own Burst Heart and while the boy treks inside, Rend reveals that he and Garyuu had fought [[Great Gavel]] in the past.
After Ryouga finishes his training and wakes up, Rend decides to have a sparring match with him in order to test his newfoundnewly obtained strength. Ryouga proves to be several times stronger thanks to him connecting with his {{p|Zekrom}}. Suddenly, Rend is shot in the back by one of the Seven Warriors of Great Gavel, Zengai, and is knocked unconscious while the man attempts to steal his Burst Heart. With his new powers, Ryouga easily blasts away Zengai and takes Rend to his home so he can be healed. Rend soon wakes up and finds his children and wife worrying about him. After a talk with Ryouga, Rend decides to entrust his Burst Heart to him and they say their goodbyes.
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|desc={{p|Boldore}} is Rend's only known Pokémon. Rend uses Boldore to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Boldore haspossesses. After Ryouga finishes his training, Rend gives him the Burst Heart containing his Boldore.}}
As a user of Burst, Rend can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Boldore. With the power of Boldore, he can control the earth, allowing him to create powerful weapons with stones. His defense is powerful enough to allow him to easily take a hit with stride and counter-attack likeas if nothing had happenedhit him at all. Though his defense is great, it can be broken if the attack he takes is powerful enough.
===Known techniques===
Rolling Stone (Japanese: '''回転岩石''', literally '''Revolution Rock''', read as '''ローリングストーン''', '''Rolling Stone'''). Rend roars loudly and glows with energy, causing rocks to rise up from the ground and combine into a large boulder. Rend then causes the boulder to spin and drops it down on his opponent.
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File:Rend Burst.png|Rend in his Burst form
File:Rend young.png|Rend when he was younger
File:Rend Rolling Stone.png|Creating a large boulder. Named "Rolling Stone"

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