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Kendall (Sinnoh)

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'''Kendall''' (Japanese: '''ケンスケ''' ''Kensuke'') is one of the students at [[Professor Rowan]]'s [[Pokémon Summer Academy]]. His Japanese voice actor is ''[[Daisuke Sakaguchi]]'' and by [[Bill Rogers]] in the English dub. He first appeared in ''[[DP088|Camping It Up!]]'' but didn't have a speaking role until ''[[DP090|Ghoul Daze!]]''.
Kendall is a rather brawny teenager who seemed to have ana attractioncrush toon {{an|Dawn}}. However the feeling was not mutual and Dawn even referred to him as "big and gross". He wanted to be her partner for the {{type2|Ghost}} assignment of the summer school session. He claimed that he would protect Dawn from the Ghost Pokémon but when the actual assignment began, he revealed that he had a tremendous fear of ghosts. When he and Dawn encountered a wild {{p|Gastly}}, {{p|Haunter}}, and {{p|Gengar}}, Kendall ran away screaming leaving Dawn to fend for herself.

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