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Rend is a somewhat goofymysterious man whowith evena whensomewhat he's being seriousgoofy can start laughing with little provocationpersonality. He seems to be well respected in his village, as seenshown when the villagers referare seen breaking up a fight at his request. He has a tendency to himstart aslaughing, "Doctor"even when he is fighting someone he believes to be oran "Teacherenemy."
Despite his quirks, Rend is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of Burst and even knows how to send a person inside of a Burst Heart.
Despite his goofy nature, Rend is apparently knowledgeable about Burst and its mechanics and knows how to actually send a person inside of one.
Rend first appears in his village where he stops one of the residents from beating up [[Yappy]]. After Yappy is put down, the Compass of Light he is holding reacts to Rend, revealing him to be an owner of a Burst Heart; owner.Yappy Yappythen decides to follow the man. butAfter hesneaking isaround, easilyYappy spottednotices bythat Rend whohas activatesdisappeared after walking into an alley. Suddenly, Rend appears behind Yappy, reveals his Burst form, a {{p|Boldore}}, and attacksproceeds to attack him.
[[File:Ryouga gift.png|thumb|left|200px|Ryouga giving a goodbye gift to Rend and his family]]
Before any damage can be done, Yappy is found by an angry [[Ryouga]]. Furious at Yappy for stealing the Compass Ryouga kicks him in the face and goes to battle against Rend. The two have a short battle where Rend eventually overwhelms Ryouga with his powerful techniques and deals a powerful strike to Ryouga, defeating him. Rend reveals that he knows Ryouga's father, Garyuu, and offers to train Ryouga in gaining better control over his Burst.
Yappy is found byRyouga, [[RyougaMiruto]], whoand isYappy angryare atall himinvited forto stealing thehis Compasshouse and afterthey attackingstay him,the goesnight to battle against Rendthere. RendThe overwhelmsnext day, Ryouga withbegins his powerfultraining; defenseRend, andin his Burst form, deals a powerful blow to the back of Ryouga's head, defeatingknocking him unconscious. Rend thenHe reveals that he knewdid so in order to actually send Ryouga's father,inside Garyuuof his own Burst Heart and while the boy treks inside, Rend reveals that he and offersGaryuu tohad trainfought Ryouga[[Great Gavel]] in controllingthe his Burstpast.
Later,After atRyouga finishes his house,training Rendand wakes up, Rend decides to have a sleepingsparring Ryouga,match [[Miruto]],with andhim Yappyin andorder startsto Ryouga'stest traininghis newfound strength. InRyouga orderproves to havebe Ryougaseveral bettertimes stronger thanks to him connectconnecting with his {{p|Zekrom}}. Suddenly, Rend knocksis Ryouga outshot in orderthe toback sendby himone of the Seven Warriors of Great Gavel, Zengai, and is knocked unconscious while the man attempts to intosteal his Burst Heart. WhileWith his new powers, Ryouga exploreseasily inblasts away Zengai and takes Rend to his Bursthome Heart,so he can be healed. Rend revealssoon towakes Mirutoup and Yappyfinds thathis hechildren and Garyuuwife hadworrying foughtabout [[Greathim. Gavel]]After ina thetalk with Ryouga, Rend decides to entrust his Burst Heart to him and they say their pastgoodbyes.
== Pokémon ==
===OnGiven handAway===
|img=Rend Boldore.png
|desc={{p|Boldore}} is Rend's only known Pokémon. Rend uses Boldore to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Boldore has. After Ryouga finishes his training, Rend gives him the Burst Heart containing his Boldore.}}
As a user of Burst, Rend can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Boldore. With the power of Boldore, he can easily take a hit with stride and attack like nothing had happened. Though his defense is great, it can be broken if the attack he takes is powerful enough.
===Known techniques===
Rolling Stone (Japanese: '''回転岩石''', literally '''Revolution Rock''', read as '''ローリングストーン''', '''Rolling Stone''').
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File:Rend Burst.png|Rend in his Burst form
File:Rend young.png|Rend when he was younger

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