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The episode opens with [[Zoey]] and her {{TP|Zoey|Glameow}} battling an unknown trainer and her {{p|Mismagius}}. Glameow attempts to dodge a {{m|Psybeam}}, but gets hit and confused. {{Ashfr|The group}} the walk up to the battlefield, saying that they thought it was Zoey battling.
Zoey orders a {{m|Shock Wave}}, but since Glameow is confused it misses. Zoey notices the group as they cheer for Glameow, which then recovers and fires off another Shock Wave, but it is blocked by a {{m|Magical Leaf}} from Mismagius, and then the whole lot is sent back at Glameow with a {{m|Psywave}}. The combination knocks out Glameow, and the two battlers exchange compliments. As they shake hands, {{an|Brock}} butts in and professes his love for the other trainer; however {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} {{m|Poison Jab|stops}} him. Zoey then introduces them to [[Fantina]], informing {{Ash}} that she is the {{ci|Hearthome}} [[Gym Leader]] as well as a [[Pokémon Coordinator]]. Fantina mentions that she has become a traveling trainer, much like the others, and so has no choice but to leave the Gym empty while she is away.
[[Team Rocket]], who have been listening in, discuss Fantina. [[James]] mentions that the "job description" reminds him of [[Juan|another Gym Leader]]. [[Jessie]] then decides that they need to figure out Fantina's style so that she can copy it to win contests.

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