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Lily of the Valley Island

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In other languages
* Its English and Japanese names come directly from {{wp|Lily of the Valley}}.
===In other languages===
{{langtable| bordercolor="1"{{sinnoh stylecolor light}}|bordercolor="border:{{sinnoh 1pxcolor solid #88a; border-collapse: collapse;" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2"dark}}
|- stylezh_cmn="background: #{{ghost鈴蘭島 color''Línglán light}};"Dǎo''
!|fr=Île Languagedu Lys dans la Vallée
! Name|de=Maiglöckcheninsel
!|it=Isola Origindel Giglio della Valle
|-pl=Konwaliowa Wyspa
|es=Isla ChineseLirio (Taiwan)del Valle
| 鈴蘭島 ''Línglán Dǎo''}}
| From 鈴蘭 ''suzuran''. Also a translation of its Japanese name.
| Italian
| Isola del Giglio della Valle
| From ''Isola'', Island, and ''Giglio della Valle'', Lily of the Valley
| Polish
| Konwaliowa Wyspa
| From ''Konwalia'', Lily of the Valley and ''Wyspa'', island.
| Spanish
| Lirio del Valle

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