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I am new to Bulbapedia.
===I am new to Bulbapedia.===
As a new user, I haven't done much yet. Only at it for 3 years, I'm actually pretty new to Pokemon totoo, but I've learned fast. My favorite Pokémon are [[Octillery]], [[Blissey]], and [[Tyranitar]]. My favorite moves are [[Octazooka]] and [[Gunk Shot]].
In [[Pokemon Emerald Version]], I need [[Lickitung]], [[Chansey]], [[Tangela]], [[Mr. Mime]], [[Electabuzz]], [[Magmar]], [[Tauros]], [[Omanyte]], [[Omastar]], [[Articuno]], [[Zapdos]], [[Mew]], [[Chicorita]], [[Bayleaf]], [[Meganium]], [[Croconaw]], [[Feraligatr]], [[Sentret]], [[Furret]], [[Politoed]], [[Hoppip]], [[Skiploom]], [[Jumpluff]], [[Yanma]], [[Slowking]], [[Misdreavus]], [[Dunsparce]], [[Scizor]], [[Sneasel]], [[Delibird]], [[Mantine]], [[Elekid]], [[Magby]], [[Blissey]], [[Raikou]], [[Entei]], [[Lugia]], [[Ho-oh]], and [[Celebi]] to complete my [[Ndex|National Pokédex]].

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